If you have been terminated from your job and you believe that the grounds for your firing may be unlawful. You may be looking for what wrongful termination lawyers can do for you. You will have to look no further than the experienced legal team at Leiman Law, PC. We specialize in labor and employment compensation and have an understanding of the wrongful termination laws that is next to none.

Wrongful termination statutes are complex, and while designed to protect workers from such harmful employer practices as discrimination, forcing an employee to violate public trust or whistle-blower retaliation, choosing the right attorney for your case is critical to seeking lost wages for unfair or discriminatory treatment.

With a comprehensive understanding of the state and federal laws that apply, Leiman Law, PC wrongful termination lawyers Portland Oregon, will work on your behalf to thoroughly investigate all elements of your individual situation, seek all documents associated with your wrongful firing, and tirelessly advocate on your behalf under applicable law to build an effective case.

Many employers and their lawyers will push for drawn out, expensive and emotionally draining litigation that can take months or even years to finalize. Often this is a tactic that companies or corporations use in the hopes of wearing down the wronged employee until the worker gives up and drops the case. And the outcome of litigation can still be uncertain.

Few attorneys have a greater understanding of how important your case is to you and the need for as rapid a conclusion as possible. We at Leiman Law, PC, while laying the groundwork for you labor case, will strive to make sure that some of the expensive and emotionally draining situations do not take place and push if necessary to take your case to litigation in a timely manner. We will comprehensively prepare and press for a quick and fair settlement on your behalf that includes attorney’s fees and other costs. If there is no recovery then there is no fee.

Your wrongful termination case is priority one with Leiman Law, PC and your assurance that you have chosen the best wrongful termination lawyers to represent you begins with the knowledge that your consultation is free of fee, or obligation. Few wrongful termination lawyers will work as tirelessly and with single-minded dedication to your case as the experienced and professional team at Leiman Law, PC.

The state and federal laws addressing your position as a worker exist for your protection. Let our wrongful termination lawyers Portland Oregon, who have acquired the greatest understanding of those laws stand up for you. At this critical time when only the best representation is what you need, trust the experience and knowledge of Leiman Law, PC.