Are Your Wages not adding up at Work? wage-attorney-portland-oregon

Oregon employers must following strict guidelines when it comes to employee wages. The most prevalent law is the minimum wage law. Employers in Oregon must pay employees an hourly rate that is equal to or above the state minimum. They must also pay employees for every minute they are in the work building performing work tasks. Additionally, they must follow the rules regarding holiday pay and overtime. If you are in the Portland, Oregon area, you may have a question about your pay. Leiman Law is a reputable firm with the wage attorneys you need to see.

Why Hire a Wage Attorney?

A multitude of employers feels as though breaking the labor and wage laws is acceptable. Wage attorneys Portland Oregon can work toward showing them their actions are not acceptable. Employees have a right to receive compensation for their work, no matter what type of work they do. When an employer refuses or conveniently forgets to pay an employee by protocol, Leiman Law is here to point the finger and request back pay. Wage attorneys Portland Oregon can also review discrimination situations. Sometimes, employers pay male employees more than they pay female employees and vice versa. Such an action is a violation of employee rights, and the courts will view it as discrimination.

The Multiple Talents of Leiman Law, PC

Leiman Law is more than just a couple of wage attorneys; they have multiple skills and talents. The firm deals with discrimination, sexual harassment, unfair dismissal and more. They are full-fledged employment discrimination lawyers with the training and experience to solve any problem in the workforce. Our firm offers free consultation and contingency representation. If you are having a problem at work, you will not have to pay us upfront. We will not ask for your money until we win your case. Our goal is to receive a settlement in your favor so you can survive.

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Whether you need wage attorneys Portland Oregon or help from employment discrimination lawyers, our firm has you covered. A labor law attorney is on standby to answer your call to (541) 345-2376. If you prefer electronic communication, you can reach us by filling out our online form. A labor law attorney will answer your inquiry and quickly invite you to a first meeting.