The Importance of Labor Lawyers

The idea of earning “fair pay for fair work” sounds pretty simple to most. Unfortunately, labor disputes arise all too often in Oregon. Companies seem to have a  bad habit of taking advantage of their employees as often as possible. Labor laws exist to protect employees from labor abuse, and the knowledgeable Portland Oregon labor lawyers at Leiman Law, PC, are here to ensure our clients receive all the protection and support that they are due under the law. There are multiple types of claims we are prepared to help our clients win in court.

Wage Claims

There are many ways a wage claim can arise. Sometimes an employer does not account for all of the hours an employee has logged. Other times, an employer may be refusing to pay overtime when it is due. We have also represented cases where the employee has not paid the minimum wage, or has failed to pay due wages upon termination. An often seen example of wage disputes is for off-the-clock work. This can include working through lunch or breaks and travel time.

Hostile Workplace

We believe that everyone should be entitled to a safe workplace where they feel safe, secure, and free to do the job they were hired to do. The law agrees. Employees should not have to deal with threats, discrimination, abuse, or any action that creates an unnecessary feeling of fear or anxiety. Hostile workplace claims can come in multiple forms. A boss or supervisor may be the source of the anxiety, because they maintain an unprofessional or overbearing attitude or are demanding things of an employee that are beyond their job description. The hostility may also come from other employees. It is the employer’s duty to deal with hostility from employees when the situation is brought to their attention. If they do not, then we are prepared to step in on behalf of our client. Hostility may also come from the general work environment. It is the employer’s legal duty to maintain a safe and productive work environment for employees.

No Recovery – No Fee

We strive to provide the best possible service to our clients in the recovery of their lost wages and the settlement of their labor disputes. We stand behind our skill and experience, and we believe that our clients come first. This is why we usually work on a contingent basis. If for some reason we are unable to get our clients the recovery they are due, then we will charge no fee for our services. We feel it is only fair to win when our clients win.

Legal representation by qualified Portland Oregon labor lawyers is important in all labor dispute cases. We will not allow our clients to be intimidated or bullied by employers or companies. If you believe you have a claim against your employer contact Leiman Law, PC  today and let us help you.