portland-oregon-labor-attorneyHaving difficulties standing up for your rights?

We Understand.

In the modern workplace, it can be difficult to stand up for one’s rights. One reason is that modern labor law is quite complex, and with different rules applying to different industries and jobs, it can be difficult for workers to understand exactly what rights they do and do not have. Additionally, the context can make the idea of challenging employment regulations and the behavior of superiors unappealing. In an employer-employee relationship, you may feel as though there is too much to lose and too little to gain by speaking out. With the potential of losing your livelihood on the line, you may be inclined to let your employer get away with violations of labor law, particularly when you don’t know exactly what your rights are.

However, labor law is intended to strike an appropriate balance between employers and employees to prevent the former from taking advantage of the latter. Workers, lawyers, and legislators have fought for years to give labor law the power it has today, and it is yours to use. Our experienced attorneys have supported employees in a wide range of disputes with companies large and small. From failure to get overtime pay to recovery of unpaid wages from a past employer, no problem is too large or small for Leiman Law. With decades of combined experience, you can be sure you will work with a Portland Oregon labor attorney that you can trust!

Knowledge is power, particularly when it comes to workplace disputes and disagreements. If you are not sure what your rights are or whether an employer’s practice is legitimate, consult the attorneys at Leiman Law. We can help assess your situation through a no fee, no obligation consultation. You can speak with a top Portland Oregon labor attorney simply by calling (541) 345-2376 and setting up a free consultation.

Whether you have an issue with a missed promotion or dismissal, you’re experiencing a hostile work environment, or simply want to make sure that you are getting a fair amount of pay for the work that you are putting in on a daily basis, contact Leiman Law. Our skilled, experienced attorneys will make sure that you are on a level playing field with your employer and that you are not taken advantage of.