Why work with an employment law firm?

class-actionAs an employment law firm, we provide services to individuals who are not being fairly compensated by their employers. There are many different situations that would qualify for an individual to seek knowledgeable legal representation regarding employment law. When the particular situation is looked into by experienced legal professionals, it usually becomes obvious when an employer is violating an employee’s rights.

Unfortunately, employers often attempt to withhold wages or other benefits from employees out of self-interest or negligence. At Leiman Law, PC, we listen to the needs and concerns of each client and determine the best legal strategy to acquire just compensation. Our Portland Oregon employment law firm attorneys understand that every case is unique and must be carefully looked into by a legal professional. If you feel that the actions of your employer are suspicious, you should arrange to speak with one of our attorneys today.
In an employment law case, the actions of an employer are analyzed in relation to the rules set forth by the United States Department of Labor and by any state or local laws that might influence employer-employee relations. When a client walks into our office, we provide careful insights on the situation and recommend the best possible course of action. We carefully explain all laws and legislation that affect the case to each of our clients, and we make sure that our clients are aware of their employers’ legal responsibilities. In an employment law case, it is important that the client thoroughly understand how the employer is not meeting legal obligations.

Employment law is highly complex. As a client, you can rely on Leiman Law, PC to provide legal representation so that you can enjoy the best possible chances of success in your case. Please contact us at and we will listen to your concerns and provide an effective legal strategy for resolving your situation. We offer a no fee and no obligation consultation to all potential clients so you can be sure that you will get the assistance and support that you seek.