Why You May Need Our Labor Lawyers.

If you are currently employed, you may have a multitude of reasons for needing labor lawyers in Portland Oregon. Labor law is the field that neutralizes relationships that exist between workers and their employers and co-workers. It covers a broad spectrum of laws that protect the rights of the employees. Our employment law firm helps employees in Oregon and is one that strives to make sure employers in Oregon treat their employees fairly. If you are looking for help with a disturbing situation at work, Leiman Law can help you. Our reliable labor attorneys can represent you in the following situations:

Wage Discrepancies

If you feel that your salary is not equal to that of other employees, you can call one of our labor lawyers in Portland Oregon or send us a request via our contact form today. He will let you know if something is amiss in the structure. If you are not making minimum wage, or you are forced to work hours your employer is not paying you for; ask us about compensation. If you are wondering why you did not receive overtime pay, holiday pay or premium pay for special tasks, we can look into your situation. We try to protect every employee so that every penny earned goes in his or her hands.

Unfair Dismissal

We can represent you in a case in which you feel your employer terminated you without cause. Our lawyers can find out the employer’s reason for dismissing you, and challenge it in court. It is advisable for you to make an appointment, because you may be in a protected class. Employers are not allowed to terminate people who are in those protected classes.

Hostile Work Environment

A hostile work environment is one in which an employee suffers anxiety, depression or negative feelings because of the way co-workers and bosses act. If you believe that members of your job are demeaning you, mocking you, threatening you, or making you perform tasks that are not in your job description, Leiman Law may be able to help. Ask to speak with one of our labor lawyers in Portland Oregon for clarification.

Our professional employment law firm can also assist with additional employment law problems. The best way to find out if you qualify is to schedule a free consultation. If you find that we are the right fit for your trouble, you can hire us, and we will give you effective no-recovery-no- fee representation.