labor-law-attorney-portland-oregonIn today’s society, having to work a full-time job is a necessary prerequisite to living comfortably, particularly if you have a family to support. As a result, many workers feel pressure to perform their best not only for their own sake, but in hopes of avoiding putting their families through hardship. This desire can sometimes motivate workers to ignore unfair conditions at the workplace, as they don’t want to risk “rocking the boat” and putting their jobs at risk.

Unfortunately, that attitude does not help workers or their families but merely puts more power in the hands of employers, who do not have to be accountable for their actions. However, it is well worth the effort to speak out in certain situations — where the employer has exceeded the scope of its rights and infringed upon those of the employees. In these situations, you need a labor law attorney Portland Oregon workers trust, such as Leiman Law for assistance.

One such situation is where an employer retaliates against an outspoken employee by creating an unwelcome working environment. Unfortunately, those who have the courage to speak up about unfair compensation, improper hiring, firing, or promotion practices often become targets of their very own companies. Those in management who are subjected to scrutiny as a result of valid complaints may single out the outspoken employee or employees for retaliatory treatment as a means of revenge. Despite what management may say, that is not simply the price of speaking out. This is unfair, and possibly illegal activity that our attorneys can help you with. At Leiman Law, you will find a labor law attorney Portland Oregon courts respect, and they can help you establish your case in court or find a solution outside of it.

This being said, not all unfair workplace scenarios result from worker complaints. Sometimes, you may need a skilled labor law attorney Portland Oregon workers trust in order to deal with wage or hours issues. It is no secret that those who run businesses do so in order to make money. But that does not mean bosses can do whatever they want in the pursuit of profit. Sometimes, employers will not pay you for the full amount of hours you work, or compensate you at a rate which is below what you deserve for working overtime. In effect, your employer is taking money out of your pocket, and this is not legal. If this situation sounds similar to yours, contact Leiman Law for a free, no-obligation consultation and we can explore your options together.