Protecting Clients from Employment Injustices

Labor Law Attorney Portland Oregon

Oregon is a state that offers something for everything, from professional sports teams to breathtaking coastal vistas. Additionally, Oregon provides many advantages for those looking to live, rather than just vacation, in the state. Cultural and economic centers such as Portland, Salem, and Eugene provide strong employment opportunities with manageable costs of living. Of course, one can only take advantage of such benefits if businesses abide by their legal obligations. If you are suffering from labor or employment issues and need a labor law attorney Portland OR, then you must contact Leiman Law, PC.

At Leiman Law, PC, our team of experienced, driven professionals are committed to preventing employment injustices and protecting the rights of clients. Our attorneys can help you in nearly any situation imaginable, as our team has the insight to address employment issues at any stage of your career and in a number of different areas. From pre-employment training, pay grievances, worker misclassification, hostile workplace and late pay claims, our hard-working lawyers will help you assert your rights to the fullest extent of the law. Whether your claim involves you individually or an entire class of workers, we will work with you and for you to make sure that your rights are vindicated.

Workers often find themselves in a precarious position, feeling vulnerable to abuse or threats from those higher-up figures who control employment decisions. However, you should not be afraid of standing up for yourself when your rights have been violated. We will stand behind you and your valid claim to ensure no employment regulations are broken. Don’t be afraid to seek what is rightfully yours through litigation. Our team of experienced attorneys  has secured out-of-court settlements and awards from courtroom proceedings for employees not being paid their fare share of regular or overtime compensation. The skills and effort of our team can do the same for you.

The law firm of Leiman Law, PC is committed to supporting workers across the state of Oregon, and in most cases, the firm operates on a contingent fee basis, meaning that we won’t charge you unless you recover on your claim. In addition, our labor law attorney Portland OR offers risk-free, zero-obligation consultations free of charge so we can discuss your case and decide what approach is right for you.

Don’t suffer from unfair working conditions or insufficient payments any longer. Contact us today!