The Qualities of Remarkable Labor Attorneys


Alan Leiman, Attorney

When it comes to employee’s rights, violated persons cannot deal with just any labor attorneys Portland Oregon. To ensure success, the employee needs to select a firm that has the best qualities. Leiman Law has the perfect mix of essential qualities. By hiring our firm, you can ensure that your work-related stress will not be in vain. Our labor lawyers can stop an employer in its tracks for wage and hour violations.

Our discrimination lawyers have the prowess to cease negatively motivated business decisions. If you live in Portland, and you feel violated by any member of your employment establishment, call us now to schedule a free consultation.

About Leiman Law

One of the most important qualities of remarkable labor attorneys is experience. Alan Leiman has been involved in a wealth of proceedings since the 1990s. He has been a prosecutor, judge and public defender; therefore, he has a firm grasp on right and wrong in all environments.
No Recovery – No fee

A unique quality that our labor lawyers Portland Oregon have is fairness. The firm strongly believes in relieving stress for an affected employee. Therefore, we will represent you and deter the retainer fees until you get your settlement. Patience is the sign of a remarkable employment law firm. We will wait until we perform our jobs perfectly before we ask you to release one penny. Additionally, it costs you nothing to sit down with us and discuss your case. We are anxious to see if we can help you, so we waive the consultation fee.

What you can Gain from Us

Leiman Law will work diligently to win a decision in your favor. At first, our labor attorneys Portland Oregon will try to convince the employer to settle out of court. An out-of-court settlement gets you satisfied quicker. We can also request job reinstatement, wage increases, position changes, benefit restructuring and more, should you so desire. If the employer decides to fight the implications, our discrimination lawyers will move forward and proceed in court. Our goal is to implement justice. When an employer breaks employment laws, it should suffer the consequences, and you should be able to sleep soundly at night and not have to worry about the financial stress that comes along with this unlawful behavior.