What Makes Us Different?


Alan Leiman

Leiman Law, PC is a team of highly qualified, seasoned attorneys who bring a rare mix of compassion and legal expertise to every case. Prior to becoming attorneys and advocating for victims of labor and employment-based injustices, we worked in the retail sector, in the industrial sector, and in service industry. We experienced and witnessed the same work place issues many of our clients experience. For the past twenty years, our labor attorney Portland Oregon has worked tirelessly to advocate for those who have lost wages and have been subject to unfair, unjust, and unreasonable treatment at their place of work. We have represented individuals with a broad range of incomes,  salaried professionals,  hourly wage employees, contract-based and temporary employees. Our work as advocates is informed by a key principle: every person is entitled to compensation for all hours worked, including overtime. We distinguish ourselves by the passion, expertise, and sensitivity we bring to each case and are seasoned in the art of litigation, mediation, and brokering a favorable settlement for our clients.

What Every Employee Should Know
Every hour worked requires compensation from your employer. If you are expected to arrive earlier for a shift, stay past your shift, continue work at home, or work during your lunch break, you are entitled to compensation for that time. If you are working below minimum wage or experiencing a hostile or punitive work place, you can pursue legal action. Such circumstances are unlawful and can be rectified.

What You Can Do
If you or someone who know has experienced hostility or unjust treatment at their work place, payment that does not reflect hours worked, or are subject to payment standards or labor standards that you suspect may be unlawful, please contact Leiman Law, PC today for an initial, confidential, and free consultation. We will thoroughly discuss the circumstances and issues affecting your particular case and describe legal avenues for rectifying your situation. If you choose to obtain our legal counsel, we will thoroughly investigate the broader situation at your work place, including labor, hiring, and management-related policies, salary and overtime expectations, and policies regarding “off-hours” labor. We have initiated lawsuits, some of which have reached the federal level, and class action suits on behalf of our clients. We are also adept at brokering settlements with labor law offenders that have been satisfactory and favorable towards our clients’ particular situation. We are skilled in navigating individuals through the complexities of labor law and empowering them with the knowledge that they have right to compensation if they have been unfairly treated or subject to unlawful labor and payment practices.