What to do about Job Discrimination.

Employment discrimination can be severely traumatic and destructive. It can cause a myriad of psychological and physical effects such as depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, headaches, breathing problems and the like. If you are in a work situation that makes you feel physically or mentally ill, you need protection and compensation. Oregon employers must protect their employees at all times. An employer that fails to do such is subject to paying penalties and restitution. If you feel as if you have nowhere to turn, you can turn to Leiman Law for your job discrimination woes. Our discrimination attorneys Portland Oregon are dedicated to your mental, physical and financial health.

What is Job Discrimination?

If you are unclear about job discrimination, the definition is quite simple. Discrimination is unfair treatment in the workplace because of a protected condition, status or preference. (Read more here) Discrimination could manifest as denial of a promotion because of sexual orientation. It could manifest as harassment from a manager because of race or gender. Additionally, discrimination occurs when co-workers or managers retaliate because an employee blows the whistle on an unethical act. Our discrimination attorneys Portland Oregon can review your situation and help you to get the compensation you deserve for the injustice.

What We Can Do about Job Discrimination.

Our employment discrimination attorneys Portland Oregon are trained to bring results. Our firm can do quite a bit for your instance of discrimination. First, we can notify the employer and let it know that it has made a grave error by disrespecting you. We can attempt to negotiate a settlement and recover funds for your injury. Wage attorneys could also negotiate to have your pay increased if you would like to keep the job. If you have been passed over for a promotion or denied a job, our labor attorney Portland OR can make certain the employer gives it to you. We will seek the relief that you desire. At Leiman Law, our clients are our first priority.

Call Us Now for Help!

Our employment discrimination lawyers offer a free consultation to anyone who has questions about job discrimination. You can schedule an appointment with a top labor law attorney by calling (541) 345-2376. Alternatively, you may complete and submit a short online form. Our discrimination attorneys in Portland Oregon are the solution to your problem.